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AdeMS new look
(9 September 2004)

AdeMS are now in new look. I hope you like the new style. This style hopefully will be the main style of Just like the words AdeMS (or adem) which mean in Indonesia would be cool; calm. I hope the style reflect the words.

I like to announce also, that AdeMS are now completely English site. Whatever your borwser language settings are. This was done because I don't have alot of time to maintance two languages at a time. You know, I have to write down in one language, then i have to translate it again to another language. It's taking alot of my time really. So I hope you enjoy surfing and browsing my site in english. I'm really sory if my english is bad. Actually, i'd like to make this site indonesian language. But my sponsors (well, most of my sponsors) require me to have an English site. So here it is now. Enjoy it..

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