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Welcome to, Ade M Saragih Archive of guitar chord, tablature and lyrics. is a library of guitar chord and tablature files that show you how to play songs on guitar. Not just all that, AdeMS also provide lyrics from your favourite songs for you to sing and also guitar lessons to teach you how to play a guitar, read a guitar chord and tablature and write a guitar chord or tablature for you to submit to The files come from other internet guitar enthusiasts like yourself, who took the time to write down chords or tablature and send them to the archive. Since they come from amateur contributors, the files vary greatly in quality, but they should all give you somewhere to start in trying to play your favorite tunes.


AdeMS came from the word of Ade Mokoginta Saragih, my name. AdeMS have a very long history and backgrounds. But now, the main reason I build this site was only for my needs in developing in web programing. story was begun when I was for the first time developing a web site in 1998 and I was very interested in making money from online programs. I was in 2nd grade of Senior High School that time. The program require me to have a web site to display their banner. So I try to build one. The first site I build was "AdeS, Ade Saragih collections" ( using a free web hosting. AdeS main content was Nirvana guitar chord, tab and lyrics, and other Nirvana stuff (pictures, Nirvana history, etc). Then the needs of my site to have dynamic page cannot be fullfill by my server. It was because my server have a seperated server for a dynamic page (cgi, perl and php). Well it cause me a lot of trouble for somewhile. Then I started to find a better server.

When I'm get in to college, year 2000, I found a free unlimited web space hosting. I sign in, and start rebuilding my site. I named my site "OLGAdeMS, The OnLine Guitar Archives of Ade Mokoginta Saragih". OLGAdeMS is an On Line archives of guitar tablature and chord and lyrics from various artists, not only Nirvana but without Nirvana stuff. My site runs great and become bigger in number of visitor, even though the server often to get crash or being temporaly shut down. After a few months, the bandwith was over limit, and the web host policy was force to ask me to pay for the over limit bandwith I have or my site will be shutdown. I don't have the money that time because I don't get a lot of money from banner ads and no donation at all. So I started to get a real job and earn money while I'm still in college.

After I quit from my job because I need to concentrate on finishing my college, I started to find a new web hosting that fit to my needs. The only hosting that fit is a paying host in Indonesia, where I came from. The facilities is worth to pay. I sign in with them -- with a very small problem -- then I rebuild my site again. I named the site ", the online guitar archives of chord, tablature and lyrics". was an onLine guitar archives of guitar chord and tablature and lyrics.

A year pass by, wasn't create much money and no donation at all. I once try to change the name into and run for a few months. but still no progress. Then I decide to go back to name, and here it is. I try it from the bottom again, and hope that it will grow up with no financial problem again. Until now.., this site was build by my self, Ade Mokoginta, and being develop all by my self. I'm really proud of this site and really need your donation for its existstance. Thank you.

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